What's the Net Listening to?



Honourable Mention in the Audio Category

The Cash-Trick!

by Johann Otten & Marvin Ester

What do we really know about the internet? Do we ascribe human characteristics to it or does it embody the “foreign” and the “other”? Have we invented something that is slipping out of our control and that we are increasingly unable to explain in our own terms?

The radio play “The Cash Trick!” tells the story of Helene, who is out walking when she runs into the “Ear of the Internet” made flesh. The media and the population are thrown into an uproar by the circumstances. This encounter symbolizes the relationship between humans and the internet. Who is listening? Who is controlling whom? Can we really distinguish between true and “fake” information? Does the internet function as an echo chamber of failed communication?

The project purposefully uses acoustic irritations and plays on the situation of the media overwhelmed by a flood of information, on advertising, and on overstimulation caused by the internet. Are we losing our way? Is the endless attention-seeking weakening our concentration?


Johann Otten, Marvin Ester

Johann Otten (1991) and Marvin Ester (1990) are both inspired by a passion for literature and music. In their shared apartment in Berlin, they are currently at work on their first radio plays.

Marvin Ester studied philosophy in Münster and Berlin and has been involved in a variety of music projects over the last ten years. Art historian Johann Otten is currently working as assistant director in the department for radio plays at Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

Together, Ester and Otten developed the manuscript, composed the music and directed the radio play “The Cash Trick!”. Other participants included: Jakob Albrecht, Johannes Aue, Florian Hempel, Juliane Schmieglitz-Otten, Matthias Wendrich, among others.