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Honourable Mention in the Web Applications Category

/ source / (postfactual)

by Timo Kahlen

Timo Kahlen’s web application does not provide much to look at, which is unsettling for the user. An empty white field appears on the display, and it takes great effort to localize the cursor.

The cursor begins a search for reliable data, facts, and anchor points on the web. These appear sporadically and elude the user by seeming to hover upside and then disappear on the back of the glass surface of the display. The application works both optically and acoustically. The user interface reacts to the direction and speed of the cursor. As a result, the application is constantly redeveloping in new and different ways in interaction with the user.

The sound effects also react to the cursor in real time: Newly appearing “facts” provide kindling, flare up acoustically, smoulder, and are extinguished after a short time.

Technical Note:
To run this piece of Flash-based net art, users must ensure that Flash Player has been installed in the browser and that Flash is activated. The piece is not visible in Android or iOS (which are not Flash compatible).



©Timo Kahlen / VG Bild-Kunst Bonn 2017

Sound sculptor and media artist Timo Kahlen (1966) works with fleeting, changeable materials: with wind and steam; with light and shadow; with pixels and dust; with noise, vibration and sound.

Since the mid-1980s, Kahlen has presented his works in more than 150 exhibitions, including: “Sound Art. Sound as Artistic Medium” (ZKM, Karlsruhe 2012) and “Manifesta 7: Scenarios” (Italy 2008).

He has been awarded numerous prizes for his work and was nominated for the “German Sound Art Prize” (2006), the “Kahnweiler Prize for Sculpture” (2001), and the “Prize for Young European Photographers” (1989), among others.

For more information: www.timo-kahlen.de