What's the Net Listening to?



Winner in the Audio Category


by Lasse-Marc Riek

What does our world sound like in the non-audible realm? Can fluorescent lamps sing, energy-saving lamps hum, calculators clatter, washing machines whistle, smartphones creak, laptops tick, and overhead wires rustle?

Artist Lasse-Marc Riek explores the unheard nets of electromagnetic fields (EMF). Using sensors and detectors, he has recorded signals from frequency fields within the urban space and created an acoustic piece from the captured sounds.



Lasse-Marc Riek (1975) uses a variety of forms of expression in his work, and describes his pieces using terms such as field recording, bio-acoustics and soundscapes. Riek has been active in the international arena since 1997 with exhibits, concerts, teaching assignments, and projects and has been invited as a guest artist by galleries, artist organizations, churches and museums. He has published his work internationally and works for Deutschlandfunk Kultur and the WDR, among other organizations. Riek has received scholarships and awards and participated in AIR programs in Europe and Africa. He is co-manager of the Gruenrekorder label, which focuses on soundscapes, field recordings and electro-acoustic compositions.