What's the Net Listening to?

The Prize Question

Computer networks, spy networks, traffic networks, survey networks, production and distribution networks, social networks in art, science, politics, neural networks… What do they hear? How do they sound? What is their story? Who networks with whom? Who is connected? Who listens in and how much do they hear? Who is entrapped? Who is left out? What is unseen, but not unheard?

With this prize question, the Junge Akademie addresses the societal, political, economic, artistic and technical scope and significance of networks and networking.

 ´What´s the Net Listening to?´ is a project that follows a long-held tradition of 'prize questions' within the Junge Akademie, among them most recently ´A Question for Europe´.

Accepted contributions were: 
a) audio
b) audio-visual
c) Apps or Web-Applications

For more information, please go to Conditions.

The announcement of the winners took place during the Annual Celebration of the Junge Akademie on June 10th 2017 in Berlin. Prize money per category: €5,000

Cooperation partners:

The Institute for Music and Acoustics at the Zentrum für Kunst und Medien (ZKM) in Karlsruhe. The institute hosted a presentation of selected contributions one day after the prize winning ceremony, 11 June 2017.

The Deutschlandfunk Kultur. The submissions of Lasse-Marc Riek and Johann Otten & Marvin Ester will be aired on the "Kurzstrecke" ('Short Range') program in the night of 29th to 30th October.



Cooperation partners: