What's the Net Listening to?

Winners of the prize question 2017 “What’s the net listening to?"

On 10 June 2017 the Junge Akademie announced the winners of this year’s prize question “What’s the net listening to?” With this question, the Junge Akademie seeks to address the social, political, economic, artistic, and technical reach of nets and networks. The jury selected a winner from the international entries in the categories “Audio”, “Audio-Visual” and “Apps or Web-Applications”. Three additional contributions received honourable mention.

Winner in the Audio Category


by Lasse-Marc Riek


Creaking smartphones and clattering calculators – What does our world sound like in the non-audible realm?

©Michael Baun www.flickr.com/photos/micbaun/1240074809

Winner in the Web-Applications Category

The Nine Billion Names of God

by Yashas Shetty

The spirituall side of the online porn industry.

Winner in the Audio-Visual Category

Data Leak

by Fabian Hemmert

Controversial pieces of information clatter through the net. The “Data Leak” program assigns sounds to the pieces that have been “leaked”; some sounds are pleasant and soothing while others are unpleasant and irritating.

Honourable Mention in the Audio Category

The Cash Trick!

by Johann Otten & Marvin Ester

A radio play about digital volatility: The “Ear of the Internet” appears in the flesh and challenges humans’ relationship with the internet. 

©Timo Kahlen / VG Bild-Kunst Bonn 2017

Honourable Mention in the Web-Applications Category

/ source / (postfactual)

by Timo Kahlen

We lose control over the cursor and search the net for reliable facts, which continually elude us.

Honourable Mention in the Audio Category

Clandestine Infrastructures

by Hole and Corner (Dewi de Vree & Donia Jourabchi)

“Hole and Corner” explore a former listening station and reveal the location’s unique atmosphere, thereby building a bridge between acoustic stimuli and wiretapping methods.